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My Name is Sandy MacKay - Sandy Mackay Photography
Sandy MacKay © 2016

My Name is Sandy MacKay


That I would be a photographer was not a given. I left Ryerson’s photo­arts program in 1969 after completing 2 years of a three year program and went skiing for 5 years. I returned from Europe in the fall of 1974 ready to stay in the ski industry but fell back into photography. I worked as a photographer for a small Toronto audio­visual production house as a staff photographer and realized that I loved still ­photography. I was out on my own freelancing by January of 1976. I managed to specialize in nothing. I shot everything from jewellery to business jets, fashion to racing cars. One of the draws photography has for me is the magic of visualizing the final image and then effecting it. Photography is largely problem solving. Over the years I have divided my time between studio and location photography. I feel equally at home doing either. A multi­ image production I produced and shot for Uvex Winter Optical garnered a gold award from the Canadian Association of Multi­Image. Several Harry Rosen ads I photographed won Canadian Advertising awards. For the most part I have avoided working for the large advertising agencies, preferring to work for smaller and in my mind more creative houses. I have also done a lot of my work on a client­ direct basis. I guess my strengths are good communications skills and an ability to work as a part of a team.